Relationship to the Eppler Code

At its core the current method is closely related to the Eppler airfoil design method (Eppler 1957). And "90%" of what is presented here on the WWW is based on Eppler's method. Some of what follows will only make sense to the experts and those experienced with the Eppler method.

Features common to both the Eppler code and PROFOIL

Features unique to PROFOIL

Most of the listed features of PROFOIL are not implemented in PROFOIL-WWW. Why? Because setting up the forms support and error trapping across the net would be too difficult. However, PROFOIL-WWW has enough capability to solve most of the world's problems ... related to low-speed airfoil design. But as mentioned in the overview, a viscous analysis code is required to close the loop.

Finally, it should be mentioned that PROFOIL is approximately 7000 lines of Fortran code (no graphics) written in a "structured" format, and it is not a "new" or "modified" version of the Eppler code. Hopefully, someday I will get around to writing a manual for a PC version of the code.